Quacking in the Duck Blinds

He’s not in jail, or going to stand trial.  What he says is his business, but it’s not a violation of his “free speech” if his advertisers and production company don’t want to pay him for saying it.

He’s free to buy space in the newspaper, or time on the radio or TV and pay to have his views publicly distributed beyond the duck blind if it’s that important to him.

It’s amazing the number of uneducated lunkheads out there who think that Daddy Phil’s being muzzled and denied his Constitutional rights.  It’s even more breathtaking that someone as supposedly well-educated as Bobby Jindal doesn’t understand this, or chooses not to so as to play to the base.

Haven’t any of these chuckleheads heard of a disclaimer?  All kinds of sponsors of TV opinion shows say something like “the views expressed in this show are not necessarily those of or shared by XYZ Corporation or any of its affiliates”.  Left unsaid is that they reserve the right to stop paying for the distribution of those views if public opinion goes off in a direction and they realize that, despite the disclaimer, the controversial words and message will affect the actual sales of their widgets and their reputation with their customers.

Anybody remember what happened to Phil Donahue when he expressed his reservations about the wisdom of going to war in Iraq against Saddam Hussein?


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