Piano Museum in El Triunfo, Baja California, Mexico

caffe_el_triunfoI visited El Triunfo for the first time in February 2013 with most of my siblings and parents, and again this past February 2016 when I once again visited brother Vince and spouse Cindy in Baja.  The pictures linked here are from that first visit.  They are extraordinary, and so reminiscent of Picasso’s great works from his Cubist period.  I have searched on Google Images, and have not discovered them there, so any input from anyone visiting my blog here will be appreciated!


On my return trip this past month I discovered that the museum has been down-sized to one gallery.  No more concerts like the impromptu one given by my mother, Deborah Donnelly Goltz (stage name:  Deb O’Donnell), on that memorable 2013 occasion.  All the instrument collection and but one of the pictures (coyotes barking at the moon) had been compressed into one gallery, and the concert venue closed.

No word on where the rest of the collection now resides.


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